Yellow scarf for the little one

November 6, 2010

I recently started knitting a shawl in a very fine laceweight yarn. On 2.5 mm needles. Progress is easy but very, very slow and I keep asking myself whether the entire project isn’t complete idiocy. I don’t even know how I’d wear it. Anyway, knitting this scarf was a relief – I completed it practically in one sitting, in front of the tv yesterday, finishing it in the morning. Two-and-a-half-year-old M., who loves yellow, picked the yarn from my yarn drawer (and then picked the needles, too, saying “and then you need these” – fortunately they were the right size). It’s a soft alpaca superwash yarn which is maybe the only superwash yarn I actually like, left over from a sweater I knitted him last year.

I’ve wanted to knit a scarf for him for a while, because the one my Mum made him last year is worn thin, and I wanted to make this kind of scarf because it’s easy to put on – you pop one end of the scarf through the “hole” made by two ribbed sections – and, crucially, it stays on. I didn’t want the traditional garter stitch, though, and didn’t have enough yarn for that either, so I went with a checkerboard pattern, which probably has a name, but I can’t remember it. No photos yet of the thing in use because the child refused to wear it. Ah, well.

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One Response to “Yellow scarf for the little one”

  1. Merete Says:

    Det er vel grunnen til at YarnHarlot i bøkene sine advarer mot å strikke til noen rundt tre år. Argh!

    Deilig gulfarge i vintermørket!

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