I recently started knitting a shawl in a very fine laceweight yarn. On 2.5 mm needles. Progress is easy but very, very slow and I keep asking myself whether the entire project isn’t complete idiocy. I don’t even know how I’d wear it. Anyway, knitting this scarf was a relief – I completed it practically in one sitting, in front of the tv yesterday, finishing it in the morning. Two-and-a-half-year-old M., who loves yellow, picked the yarn from my yarn drawer (and then picked the needles, too, saying “and then you need these” – fortunately they were the right size). It’s a soft alpaca superwash yarn which is maybe the only superwash yarn I actually like, left over from a sweater I knitted him last year.

I’ve wanted to knit a scarf for him for a while, because the one my Mum made him last year is worn thin, and I wanted to make this kind of scarf because it’s easy to put on – you pop one end of the scarf through the “hole” made by two ribbed sections – and, crucially, it stays on. I didn’t want the traditional garter stitch, though, and didn’t have enough yarn for that either, so I went with a checkerboard pattern, which probably has a name, but I can’t remember it. No photos yet of the thing in use because the child refused to wear it. Ah, well.

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Hundertwasser socks

November 5, 2010


It took me forever to finish these. Like with my Firestarter marathon, I learnt (twice!) the hard way that if you knit two socks at the same time, on the same needle, any mistakes will make it necessary to rip out two socks rather than one. Oh, the cursing. I knitted these toe-up without a pattern and had to knit three different heels before I finally found something that worked. The first one I tried was from a Knitty pattern, and I’m fairly certain that I was the stupid one, but after two attempts I still couldn’t get it to look even remotely like a sock heel, so I gave up. Then I found a different pattern and had a go at a short row heel. As a result I now know what a short row heel is (it’s easy and quick, for one), and I also know that short row heels do not fit people with wide feet, of which my husband is one. Yes, the socks were too narrow at the heel and ankle, and I had to frog the entire thing again. Then the socks went, without their needle even, into the shameful back corner of my kntting drawer for quite some time.

At some point my conscience had a firm grip on me and I finished a couple of UFOs. The socks came out of the drawer. I spent an improbable amount of time searching through toe-up sock patterns until I found one which had a heel flap heel. And finally finished the job. Of course, I’ve since forgotten where I found that pattern. This fact might actually keep me from knitting any more toe up socks.

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