Blindfolded Peasy

March 15, 2010

I have started knitting the Peasy lace panel and although I understand the instructions, the logic of the lace pattern makes no sense to me. It feels like I’m knitting blindfolded. I look at the stitches and have no idea what’s going on (although I’m relatively certain I’m doing it right). I felt the same way when I was knitting the Buttercup lace panel (another sweater by the same designer). Trust the process, I keep reminding myself. I love knitting this, by the way – like the Buttercup pattern, every detail is taken care of and well thought out.The yarn is lovely, so soft I keep wondering how it can be all wool. I think it might end up pilling a lot, but we”ll see. Hopefully I’ll have a photo soon!


One Response to “Blindfolded Peasy”

  1. Jenn Says:

    I am totally stuck trying to start my peasy. I’ve constructed my yoke and am ready to cast on the lace panel. But I don’t understand where the two sides of my lace panel should sit in relation to the rest of my knitting on my needles. I totally need a diagram! 😦

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