best friend bunny

February 4, 2010

I knitted this bunny in December at top speed because we were invited to a little girl’s birthday party. The part got cancelled and M., who’d been watching the knitting progress very closely (he started saying “Mum knit” and pointing to the bunny, his feet (socks!), his belly (sweater!) and so on. So cute), ended up getting the bunny. He grabbed it and it has hardly left his hands since – it was named after his friend in daycare and has to do everything M does. It’s now a grubby, but still sweet, little bunny.

I knitted this in the round rather than back-and-forth as the pattern says, starting with a magic cast-on. I can’t discourage you enough from trying a magic cast-on with double-pointed needles rather than circular ones, particularly when knitting with too-small needles to get a tight gauge. It was like knitting with train tracks and gave me hand cramps. Stupid decision. The result is sweet and it was a quick knit but somehow also a very boring one, so I don’t know whether I’ll be knitting another. Maybe if I’m in a pinch for a birthday present again?

Pattern: Anything animals by Rachel Borello
Needles: 3 mm (double-pointed bamboo, blast)
Yarn: Østlandsgarn by Sandnes Garn (cheap Norwegian 100% wool)
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